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Bad Day

Crap happens right?

Driving home the other day and the transmission of my nissan altima just wasn’t acting right. Hesitation and stuttering as I entered the freeway. I knew this wasn’t going to end well but I was already on the highway so I decided to try and make it home. WRONG!! And as I figured the little bugger quit on me in the middle of 6 lanes of traffic on the I 15 in Vegas. Well luckily I was going fast enough that I coasted over to the shoulder without incident. Came to a stop and thought about what I was going to do. As I sit there and think another motorist stops behind me and offers me a hand. It just so happened to be the garage door repair las vegas owner I had spoke with two weeks prior. He remembered me and we proceeded to check out what was wrong with my ride. Obvious to me the transmission quit on me and after lifting the hood and seeing fluid everywhere, my suspicions were confirmed. Now I had to call the warranty company and see if I could get a free tow to the dealership. Turns out my towing was free to the nearest dealership and everything would be taken care of. Music to my ears after this less than desirable day. Anyway just thought I would put the story out there. Car got fixed up and everything is running like a top.

Trailer towing

A few things everyone should know about towing a trailer

Las Vegas– Summer is a fun time of the year to get out with the family. Hitting the trail to visit a lake, campground or national park is an enjoyable task.

Nonetheless, a lot of these trips include pulling a trailer, and also unfortunately, that also implies even more trailer-related mishaps. Trailers have added to several fatal vehicle mishapstrrailer throughout Nevada.

Towing a trailer properly is something all vehicle drivers can do to make sure the road is safe for everyone. The U.S Division of Transportation has actually given the following safety tips for driving with a trailer:

  1. Inexperienced drivers ought to take time to practice pulling a trailer far from main road
  2. Never tow a trailer with a guest riding within the trailer.
  3. Look for route constraints in the process on bridges as well as tunnels.
  4. Always use the suggested driving gear that the manufacturer states.
  5. Drive at a modest rate. Driving too fast is more likely to cause swaying from the trailer.
  6. Avoid unexpected quits and abrupt steering maneuvers.
  7. Make broad turns at curves and also edges.
  8. Control trailer swaying brought on by automobiles passing by from either instructions. Decrease and also hold the steering wheel securely.
  9. Permit much more range for stopping as well as expect the should decrease.
  10. Hand down degree surface with lots of clearance and signal well in advance.
  11. When passing on narrow roads, keep away from soft shoulders.
  12. Constantly back up slowly.
  13. Utilize a guide behind the trailer to help with backing up along with parking.
  14. Prior to moving to park, have some somebody set obstructs on the downhill side of the wheels. Use the parking brake, change into park, and afterwards eliminate your foot from the brake pedal.

The Museum

My Visit to the International Towing & Recovery Museum


Hey, everyone! If you are as excited as I am about the ins and outs of towing and recovery, which I assume you are, then there is one place that you absolutely have to go. The International Towing & Recovery Museum in Chattanooga Tennessee is one of the coolest places on earth for towing fanatics like myself to go. The museum is dedicated to recognizing outstanding individuals in the towing and recovery industry all across the world. The museum also records the history of the towing industry, has a collection and display of different objects and collectibles from the industry and informs the public about the world of towing and recovery.

A group that is called the Friends of Towing decided that they wanted to recognize the awesome work that towing and recovery workers were doing all around the world. So a little over 30 years ago, they started driving their display to tow shows all around the country. For quite a few years they took their show around on a tractor trailer and it just grew from there.

They inducted their first Hall of Fame class, which had 27 members, in 1986. There are now 285 members in the Hall of Fame at the International Towing & Recovery museum. The first time that the museum was opened up in a permanent building was in the fall of 1995. They opened up in Chattanooga, Tennessee so that people from all over could come and see the great work that was being done by those in the wrecker service industry.

They chose Chattanooga because one of the first wreckers was created not far from the museum at the Ernest Holmes Company there in Tennessee. What better place to start a museum that is dedicated to what so many of us absolutely love!

So, what did I gain from my experience at the museum? Well, the biggest takeaway for me was that my friend, who owns Towing Las Vegas, and I saw exactly how valuable the towing and recovery industry is to the world. The average person may not often think about the heroic efforts that are made by members of the towing industry on a daily basis. To see a place completely dedicated to those efforts and recognizing the truly amazing work being done touched my heart. It was nice to know that we had such a large global community that was dedicated and could connect over this great work.

I will admit that there was one part of the museum that got me a bit emotional when I saw it. There was one exhibit that was called the Wall of the Fallen Memorial. This was a place where towers that had lost their lives in the towing industry were remembered and memorialized. I was overcome with feelings of both sadness and greatness as I looked at the names of these amazing people.

If you are a wrecker junkie like me, you will absolutely love the International Towing & Recovery Museum, so go check it out when you can!



The Best

The Best In The Biz!


One of the best towing companies I have ever had the pleasure of getting a car towed from is Vegas Towing Service. Just thought i would give them a shout out to say thanks a bunch for all the help you provided me and my family. I started this blog to throw my ideas out into internet space about starting a Towing service in my home town. I grew up around mechanics and gear heads so I am drawn to fixing stuff and hauling things around. Really just thought we could make a difference in peoples lives everyday by providing good quality towing.

This whole story started when i took a trip to Vegas with my family and a few friends. The trip was planned around some really awesome concerts and of course the nightlife. Our mission was to have as much fun as possible while still keeping the family fun vibe kickin’. I must say we did really good and had a blast. Music was awesome and some of the clubs in Vegas are just out of this world and very expensive too.

Tow Dolly Steps

7 Steps for using a Tow Dolly

tow dolly

Learning to use a tow dolly is very simple and can replace the need for a full size trailer. Using a little effort and some simple common sense can make using a tow dolly a breeze. Towing dollies are a two wheeled trailer built to transport a vehicle by supporting and carrying the vehicles front two wheels while being towed by a bigger truck using a standard ball and hitch.

Heavy Duty

We love towing stuff so we decided to make a whole big webpage about the subject so sit tight y’all till we put it all together! Here is a video while you wait!